At Islander RV, our service background stems from the former Widebody Industries, a company that built motorhomes. This background gives our technicians an edge over the competition as they are familiar with every inch, inside and out, of the makings and workings of your RV.

Our technicians offer expert advice to prevent
long-term and costly repairs and downtime to your RV, the primary reason we have excelled is our comittment to servicing what we sell. The core of this service is our trained technicians combined with the fact that we carry most parts ONSITE that are necessary to fulfil timely maintenance procedures.

  • Our strength is our team and commitment to personal attention
  • Our team can handle any job, large or small, and provide the highest quality of service possible.
  • Professional RV Technicians are dedicated and ready to put their experience to work for you. With a full time Service team in both the Grand Falls-Winsor & the St. John’s locations. 
  • Over 12000 sq ft of service are in both locations.
  • Roof repair and/or replacement
  • Major RV reconstruction due to water leaks or accidents
  • Floor replacement
  • Electronic repair, such as refrigerators, furnaces, and water heaters using specialized test equipment to diagnose problems with function and operation
  • Accessory installation, including patio awnings, screen rooms, satellite TV dishes, generators and solar set-ups to name a few
  • Suspension & Axles



  • Islander RV-Powersports Division

      In the Powersports Division at Grand Falls-Windsor, we have factory trained technicians for both our Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki product lines.

     We have full time Factory Trained technicians in our state of the art service department who are more than willing to assist you in the longterm care of your valued investment.

     We specialize in all recreational powerboat repairs including the maintenance of all makes and models of both inboard and outboard engines. We also perform a lot of rigging, powerboat seasonal servicing and boat trailer repairs. Virtually anything that can go wrong with boat, motor, or trailer we can fix it.

     The service department’s team of techs are very up to speed on todays technologically advanced Motorcycles and ATVs. We pride ourselves for having the best Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki factory trained technicians around. They also have the proper equipment to perform any repair or even just your semi annual service.

     Since we are one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s industry leading companies in the Powersports business we take our service department and our customer’s satisfaction very seriously. You can trust you’re in good hands with Islander!

Islander RV carries a wide range of brandname products plus accessories to service your equipment.


  • Check roof vents, skylights and accessories like the air conditioner, solar panels or satellite dish for damage
  • Check all roof sealants for signs of deterioration like cracking or lifting. We encourage a bubble test at least once a year at Islander RV
  • Check all other exterior components like windows, moldings, access doors and compartments to ensure a proper watertight seal
  • Lubricate all locks and hinges with a good-quality dry silicone spray
  • Operate any slide-outs to test for proper function and inspect the slide-outs’ seal condition. Lubricate the slide-out mechanism with a dry lubricant for slide-outs
  • Check exterior metal or fiberglass siding for any punctures or delamination
  • Extend the awning to check the fabric condition for signs of damage, mold or mildew
  • A good exterior wash is advisable to remove dirt, grime and other contaminants. There are many chemicals, cleaners and protectants available to further enhance the finish of your RV and add resale value in the future


  • The use of safety glasses and gloves is advised when working around a 12-volt battery. Be careful when lifting six-volt batteries
  • Check the 12-volt battery for proper fluid levels and follow up with a specific gravity/load test. These procedures can be done at your local RV or auto service centre
  • Inspect cables for damage or corrosion
  • Clean the terminals and add some dielectric grease to the posts
  • Ensure proper polarity has been used. (if black and white are used, black is positive. If red and black are used, then black is negative)
  • Check the shore power cord and plug for signs of damage from rodents
  • Clean the blades on the plug with steel wool
  • Ensure the 110-volt hot water heater element is off before plugging the unit in
  • Test the ground fault interrupter (GFI) plugs. A plug tester for this procedure is available at your local retailer.


  • It is advisable to contact your local RV service centre and have a timed pressure drop and LPG regulator lockup test done on your RV to ensure proper operation of the LPG supply components and a leak-free piping system
  • Check the date stamps on the LPG tanks. They will need to be re-valved or replaced after 10 years of service
  • Ensure the appliances are turned off before turning the tanks on, and check to see that the LPG detector is functioning 
  • Turn on the tanks and check for leaks with soapy water. If you smell propane, shut the tanks off and determine where the propane is leaking from. If the problem is discovered and solved with confidence, then proceed
  • Light a stove burner first to purge the air out, then operate all the appliances to check for proper sequences of operation

Tires, wheels & undercarriage

  • Always ensure a safe work area is provided with the use of wheel chocks and properly rated jack stands. Only work with a level and hard surface when inspecting these components
  • Check the tires’ sidewalls and treads for signs of cracking or separation
  • Inflate the tires and torque the wheel lugs to the manufacturers specifications
  • Check shackles, U-bolts and springs for any signs of damage or excessive wear
  • Check the wheel bearings for excessive end play and consider a wheel bearing repack at least after every second season, Islander RV can offer this service
  • Check the breakaway switch function
  • Check brake function and adjust if required
  • Islander RV offers a bearing repack service, during which all the above mentioned components will be checked and adjusted. If you are unsure of the procedures and do not feel confident with the tasks, call Islander RV service centre for a quote.

Water & waste systems

  • Use the water pump or city water to remove the non-toxic antifreeze from the water pipes
  • Ensure that the water heater bypass valves are in the summer position after you have flushed your system of anti-freeze
  • Check the anode rod if a suburban hot water tank is provided. Replace the rod if over 70 percent of the material is missing
  • After the water heater has filled, turn off the water to remove pressure. Open the pressure and temperature relief valve located on the outside of the water heater and drain the water until the flow stops; close the valve, then provide water pressure once again. This will create an expansion space within the water heater to cure a weeping pressure and temperature relief valve.

*Disclaimer. Islander RV is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained above. This is just a guide. For professional help, please call 489-9489 and schedule an appointment with us.

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