What is an RV?
 RV is a nickname for a whole family of recreational vehicles that combine transportation and living quarters for recreation, camping and travel. Some provide a simple place for sleeping and eating, while others are virtually luxury lodges on wheels – equipped with conveniences ranging from separate sleeping accommodations, complete kitchen and bathroom facilities (including showers and even bathtubs) to washer and dryer hookups, central heat and air conditioning and slide-out sections which substantially increase interior space.

RVs fall into two general categories: Towable RVs (designed to be towed or carried by a car, van, pickup truck, or sport utility vehicle) and Motorized RVs (which contain their own engine).

Is it difficult to operate a motorhome?
  There are many systems involved in the operation of your motorhome. We offer an extensive orientation to make sure our customers are comfortable with every aspect of their unit. We have successfully helped renters and owners of every experience level have a safe and enjoyable vacation.

Do I need a special driver’s licence to drive or rent one of your units?
  No, A valid driver’s licence is all you need.
The only restriction is that you must be 25 years of age to drive or rent one of our units.

Can I park anywhere overnight, or do I have to stay in a campsite?
  While there are few restrictions for overnight camping in most areas, there are an abundance of recognized RV sites across the island that provide services for recreational vehicles.

Where can I drive my vehicle?
 We allow our vehicles on all public roads. Travel on un-maintained private or country roads is not recommended for our rental units, as damage to the vehicle may be incurred.

Where can I buy parts and accessories for my R.V.?
  We have two parts and service location to serve you. We have a location in St. John’s and as well as in Central Newfoundland. We also have online catalogues with many parts to help repair or enhance your R.V.


What do the abbreviations GVWR and UVW mean for my RV?

            These abbreviations are very important for knowing how heavy of an RV you can tow. These units, measured in pounds or kilograms (our site shows lbs), make you aware of how heavy your RV is and how much weight you can carry in it. 
        GVWR means Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and is the weight of your empty RV plus the maximum load capacity.
        UVW means Unloaded Vehicle Weight. The weight of a vehicle as built at the factory with full fuel, engine (generator) oil and coolants. This does not include cargo, fresh water, LP gas, occupants, or dealer installed accessories.
        You can subtract your UVW from your GVWR and that will tell you how much weight you are able to load your RV with.

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